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A summary of each chapter in the Book of 1 Corinthians

Chapter 1:

People may consider Christís death foolish, but Godís wisdom is the only real wisdom.

Chapter 2:

We can only understand Godís thoughts when the Holy Spirit teaches us.

Chapter 3:

Church leaders are Godís servants, who carry out his work among his people.

Chapter 4:

Christians should not be proud, because God is their master.

Chapter 5:

When a church member is behaving very wickedly, it may be necessary to separate him from other Christians.

Chapter 6:

God has saved Christians from their evil behaviour, so they must be very careful to avoid such behaviour.

Chapter 7:

Nobody should marry without serious thought about the responsibilities that he is accepting and his relationship with Christ.

Chapter 8:

God has made Christians free, but they should always think about the effect of their actions on weaker Christians.

Chapter 9:

Paul was careful not to demand his rights, so that he could teach Godís good news more clearly.

Chapter 10:

Christians who allow their feelings to control them are behaving in a very foolish and dangerous manner.

Chapter 11:

Christians should behave in a proper manner at their meetings, especially when they share bread and wine to remember Christís death.

Chapter 12:

God has given different gifts to different Christians, so that all Christians need each other.

Chapter 13:

Christians should always act in love; nothing else is as excellent as love.

Chapter 14:

Christians must behave properly at church so that everyone present receives the benefit of the Holy Spiritís work.

Chapter 15:

As Christ became alive again after his death, so Godís people will also live again.

Chapter 16:

Paul makes arrangements about a gift, and explains the plans of himself and some other church leaders.

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