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Changes that God desires

1 Corinthians 14:36-38

In 1 Corinthians chapter 14, Paul has explained clearly how Christians should behave at church. They should listen quietly to the speakers at the meetings. They should use a language that visitors can understand. They must always behave in a manner that respects God.

Paul refused to argue about these things. This was how God wanted Christians to behave. Anyone who allowed the Holy Spirit to guide him would recognise that fact. They would pray about the matter. Then God would show them what he wanted them to do.

Paul knew that he was asking the Christians in Corinth to make many changes. Some of them would not be pleased with those changes. Paul insisted that he was not telling them to do something new. He had only explained what was already happening at other churches. The church in Corinth should not imagine that it was the only loyal Christian church. It was Christians from other churches who brought Godís good news to Corinth. And that message was spreading across the world.

Still Paul thought that some people may refuse to obey these instructions. Perhaps they would even leave the present church at Corinth in order to start a new one. The Christians who agreed with Paul should allow them to do that. It would be wrong and foolish to try to control anyone.

Paul had this attitude because these changes were essential. Wrong behaviour at church meetings in Corinth had already caused many church members to become weak and ill (11:30). Clearly, this behaviour had to stop.

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