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Death: the last enemy

1 Corinthians 15:26

We all must deal with many troubles and enemies in our lives. Often, they are so severe that we can hardly manage to stay alive. Our last enemy, however, will be our worst enemy. When death attacks, there is no remedy. We all know that we must die. People may escape from their enemies but, in the end, nobody escapes death.

Paul too calls death ‘the last enemy’. However, there is a difference between Paul’s thoughts and our thoughts; they are, in fact, opposite. We describe death as the last enemy that will defeat us in the end. Paul describes death as the last enemy that Christ will defeat.

That is an astonishing and important statement. Death has controlled the lives of everyone who has ever lived. But Christ will defeat death.

Paul is confident about that fact. Christ has already done everything necessary to achieve that success. Christ died so that God could forgive people. When people believe in him, God gives them life without end (John 3:16). Although their bodies may die, their spirits will never die. However, that is not the end of the matter. Those people’s bodies will, in the future, become alive again (15:21-23). Then they will not have the same weak bodies that they now have (15:42-44). They will have a different, better quality of life that will never end.

Anyone who wants to receive the benefit of these wonderful promises must invite Christ into their life. They must confess their evil deeds to God and they must trust Christ to save them. Then God will teach them how to live in a manner that pleases him.

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