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Do not allow other people to control your life

1 Corinthians 7:23-24

The life of a slave was difficult and unpleasant. Nobody chose to become a slave.

However, some Christians in Corinth were choosing to behave like slaves. Although they were free people, they were allowing other, powerful people to control their lives.

Those powerful people were not the church leaders at Corinth. Corinthís church leaders were humble and careful men who genuinely wanted to serve God well. For example, one of them was Stephanas, who travelled several hundred miles to get Paulís advice (16:15-18). Those church leaders were trying to help people, not to control them. That is the right way for a Christian to behave.

Some other people in Corinth were trying to control the Christians, and they were acting in a powerful manner. They had set up opposing groups in the church (1:12). They probably said that the Holy Spirit was guiding them (14:37). They spoke in a proud manner (5:6). They were even using the judges to try to control people (6:1).

Christís death was the price to make his people free. Godís people belong to God. They do not belong to their church leaders or to anyone else who may try to control them. Christ paid the price, so they should serve Christ alone (7:22).

Nobody can serve two masters (Matthew 6:24). When a person begins his relationship with God, God makes that person free. And that is how that person should remain.

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