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Duties of husbands and wives

1 Corinthians 7:3-5

Paul was answering the question: ‘Is it good for a Christian to marry?’ For many people, that question means, ‘Will I benefit if I marry?’ That is a selfish attitude. A husband and wife should care about each other, and not just about themselves.

Many people marry for selfish reasons, then after their marriage, they continue to live in a selfish manner. They may like each other very much, but it is not real love (1 Corinthians chapter 13). They feel happy because of their marriage, but that is just their emotions. By their marriage, they are trying to get things; not to give.

That is not how God wants marriage to be. At a Christian marriage, a man and woman give themselves to each other. They accept duties towards each other. They agree not to be selfish, but to look after each other. They promise to give their time, money and energy to each other for that purpose, and for their children.

A Christian husband and wife should love God even more than they love each other. An unmarried Christian can express his love to God in prayer whenever he has the opportunity. But a Christian husband and wife have duties towards each other. They should not just take all the time that they have for each other in order to pray. Because of their marriage, they are not free to do whatever they want. Their time belongs to each other, and to their family.

But sometimes the Christian man or his wife may desire time alone with God, perhaps for a few weeks. If they both agree, then it is right for them to separate for that period. And at the end, they should return to each other.

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