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Godís love for variety

1 Corinthians 15:37-41

The variety of the things that God has created astonishes us.

It is God who makes a dry, hard seed into a living plant. The seed seems dead; it is not similar to the plant in any way. But that seed grows into the plant that God intended. Each type of seed produces the correct type of plant. By this wonderful natural event, we learn about Godís nature. God loves to create life, and he has created very many different kinds of living things.

When we examine the bodies of people and animals, they seem similar. They all have skin and bones, muscle and fat. The heart or brain of a man is not much different from the heart or brain of any larger animal. However, God has made a difference between them. He has given men and women a responsibility for this world (Genesis 1:28-30). He has given them their work that they may serve him (Psalm 104:12-23).

It is not just the things on this earth that show Godís love for variety. This world is only a tiny part of all that God has made. The stars, the sun and the moon are splendid, with a beauty that is unlike anything on earth. Even the stars are different from each other.

That is how different our future life will be from our present life. During our present lives, we suffer trouble, illness and weakness; and the end will be death. However, God will cause his people to live again; and then, the quality of their lives will be completely different. Then, Godís people really will know strength, honour and power; and their new lives will never end.

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