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God wants to teach us, today

1 Corinthians 10:11

For Christians, the Bible is not just history. Its purpose is not to provide a record of ancient events or of people whom the world has forgotten. It tells us about those events and those people because God wants to use them to teach us, today.

Godís relationship with ancient Israel was real, and it still continues today (Romans 11:1-2). But God did not establish that relationship so that people from just one nation would know him. From its beginning, God wanted people from every nation to know his kindness (Genesis 12:3).

Now, that is happening because of the death of Christ. In Corinth, there was clear evidence of that fact, because people from different nations served God together there (Acts 18:5-10).

Christians live in the final age before Christ returns to rule as king. This is the age when God has told his people to declare his good news publicly to people from every nation (Matthew 28:19-20).

So of course Christians must not neglect the lessons that God teaches in the Bible. Of course they must learn from how God dealt with people in previous ages. God had not changed and his attitudes do not change. The wrong behaviour that formerly made God angry has the same effect today. The things that pleased him then still please him today.

So Christians must learn to trust God and to obey him. And they must not allow their feelings and emotions to rule their lives.

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