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How Christians may be making themselves weak and ill

1 Corinthians 11:30

God is very kind. Sometimes he will even rescue us from troubles that we ourselves have caused. However, we must not expect that he will always do that. Certainly, we must not do wrong or foolish things so that we can demand his help.

If we do that, we are testing God. Paul has already warned Christians not to test God (10:9). In other words, they must not try to force God to protect them.

Paul told the Christians in Corinth that they were making themselves ill. Probably, Paul is just referring to the natural results of their wrong behaviour. It is unhealthy to eat too much food or to drink too much wine. Some of the Christians in Corinth were doing these things often (11:21; 8:7-10).

Also, many Christians were making themselves weak. Perhaps they were using too much energy at their meetings. The women were uncovering their heads when they felt the Holy Spiritís power (11:5-16). Perhaps at the same time they were shouting, or they were behaving in a wild manner. Paul had to explain to them how to behave when the Holy Spirit spoke through them (14:27-35).

Paul says that some of them Ďsleptí. He means that they had died. However, they had died as Christians; they will live again (1 Corinthians chapter 15).

Perhaps those Christians thought that, as Godís people, they were safe. Christians already have the kind of life that lasts always in their spirits Ė but not yet in their bodies. So, in this world, they cannot do everything that they may want to do. And they cannot always do the things that other people ask them to do. Even when their desires are good and right, they may still be acting in an unwise manner. They cannot even just copy the things that other Christians may be doing. God gives different amounts of strength to different people. He directs some people to do things that other people should not even try to do.

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