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How to deal with weaker Christians

1 Corinthians 12:21-25

In a Christian church, some members may have more problems than the other members. For example, they may be weak, poor or ill; or other people may consider them foolish.

The other members of that church may find it hard to deal with those people. They may even wish that such people did not belong to their church.

We have a different attitude when there is a weakness in our own bodies. If, for example, our foot or our heart is too weak, we look after that part more carefully. If even a little part like a tooth is very painful, it receives all our attention. We hardly need to think about the parts of our bodies that are well. But we must take care of the parts that are weak.

Paul says that Christians should have similar attitudes towards the weaker members of their churches. If they consider someone weaker, then they should care more for that person.

Paulís reason is that God has created a relationship between different Christians. Therefore, they must show love towards each other. Perhaps they came from different nations and perhaps their lives are very different from each other. Now, however, God has brought them together, in their relationship with Christ. Together he has forgiven them; together they belong to Christ.

Now God has given them gifts by his Holy Spirit. Those gifts are not just for their own benefit. God wants them to use their gifts in order to help each other.

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