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How to give glory to God

1 Corinthians 10:31

God’s glory means his greatness. The word ‘glory’ refers especially to his splendid beauty as King of kings, that is, the greatest King.

Whatever people may do, God remains the greatest King. People cannot increase his greatness. But they can choose whether they, by their actions, give him honour as their King. They can choose whether they will allow God, or their own emotions and desires, to rule their lives. When they choose to give God honour, they are giving glory to God. When they care more about their own greatness, God does not receive glory from their lives.

We give God glory when we decide to trust him and to serve him. People make that decision when they first become Christians. They can then give God glory by every decision that they make afterwards. Even in the most minor matters, they can choose whether to serve God or not. When they obey God, they are giving him honour. So he receives the glory.

That is even true as a person eats a meal. That person can give thanks to God for the food, and so recognise God as their provider. Or, a person can eat whatever food he selfishly desires. Then, the person is allowing wrong emotions to rule his life. God receives no honour or glory from that person’s selfish behaviour.

However, the good news is that we can give God glory. We do it when we trust him to save us. And we continue to do it whenever our actions recognise his greatness.

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