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How to show love during an argument

1 Corinthians 13:5

It is not hard to find wrong attitudes, like the ones that Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 13:5, among Christians. The problem is especially severe among church leaders, and this offends many people.

The problem is that church leaders often consider themselves right. So, they insist on what they believe. They speak in a manner that shows authority. They fiercely oppose anyone who disagrees with them.

Such leaders sincerely believe that they are speaking the truth. Of course, what they say may be completely right. It is not wrong to argue for the truth. But even when someone’s words are completely right, their attitudes can still be wrong. In fact, unless a Christian constantly acts in love, that Christian's attitudes are wrong.

A person who has true love still speaks the truth, but never in a proud manner. If that person has to insist on something, he never does it in a cruel manner. He respects other people; he listens to the people who oppose him. He loves the truth – and other people can sometimes be right! But even when they are not right, he still cares about them. His desire is to help them, and not to establish his own authority.

Jesus taught that it is a very serious matter to offend a weaker Christian (Mark 9:42). Paul too told Christians that they should think about the effect of their actions on weaker Christians (8:10-13). Even when Christians argue, they should act in love.

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