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The kind of behaviour that is against Godís law

1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Christians should never forget how they obtained a right relationship with God. It was certainly not by their own efforts, or because of some good thing that they did. It was entirely because of Godís kindness, by the death of Jesus Christ. Christians have no reason to be proud (4:7).

Paulís list in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 shows the kind of behaviour that is against Godís law. Paulís purpose is to show Christians that their lives should be different from other peopleís lives. They should not pray to false gods. They should not have sex, except between a husband and his wife. They should not steal, or be jealous of other peopleís possessions. They should not live in a careless manner, for example because of alcohol.

There are many other things that are against Godís law, of course. But Paul chooses this list to show a particular kind of behaviour. People who choose to live in this manner often care only about themselves. For example, they have wrong sex because they want to satisfy their own desires. They pray to false gods in order to get the things that they want. They steal to make themselves rich; they drink alcohol to make themselves happy.

Such people do not desire the things that God wants. They will not receive the good things that God gives. And they cannot benefit from his promises.

However, not everyone who lives in this manner will go to hell. God changes people. In fact, several of the Christians at Corinth formerly behaved in this manner. But God saved them and changed their lives completely (6:11).

However, Christians must be careful. It is God who has changed their lives. So, they must not return to the sort of behaviour that offends God.

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