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Only by the Holy Spirit can we understand Godís plans for us

1 Corinthians 2:9-11

At Athens, Paul had an opportunity to speak at one of the greatest universities in the ancient world. He tried hard to explain about God and about Christ in a manner that the people there could understand. However, most of those people did not believe; they even started to laugh at Paul (Acts 17:16-34). The most intelligent people in the world could not understand things that every Christian can know.

God has prepared the most wonderful things for the people who love him. But a personís mind does not know about these things unless Godís Spirit shows them to that person. That should not surprise us; one person does not know another personís secrets.

But, of course, a person does know his own secrets. Deep inside him, in his spirit, that person knows his own desires, plans and intentions. Even if he does not even dare to think about those things, they are still there, in his spirit.

In the same way, God has desires, plans and intentions for the people who love him. God does not allow everyone to know about these things; they are his secret (2:7). But Godís plans are not secrets for the people who love God. That is because God has given his Holy Spirit to them. And the Holy Spirit shows them what God is doing. In the future they will share his glory (honour and greatness), but already they share his Spirit.

It is not necessary to have great knowledge or intelligence in order to become a Christian. But it is essential that each Christian should allow the Holy Spirit to teach him.

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