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Paulís prayer

1 Corinthians 1:4-9

We will see that the first Christians in Corinth were doing many wrong things. Many of them did not love each other, and they did not respect their leaders. But still, Paul was kind to them and he wrote to them in a gentle manner. He knew that they had not been Christians for a long time. Most of them had not chosen on purpose to have those wrong attitudes.

So in Paulís prayer for them, he expresses his thanks to God. God had been very kind to them, and he had done wonderful things in their lives. Most Christians in Corinth were not wealthy (1:26), but they lacked nothing in their relationship with God. God had made them able to speak for him. God had given them the knowledge that they needed. God had given them his Holy Spirit, and there was evidence of that fact in their lives.

God had begun to do his work in their lives. And Paul was confident that he could trust God to complete that work. God had given them a real relationship with Christ. It was true that they were not perfect yet. But in this world, Christians are not perfect (13:9-12). They are waiting for Christís return (15:24-26), and when Christ returns, God will change them completely (15:51). So on that day, all Godís people will be perfect.

Of course Paul would have to warn the Christians in Corinth about their wrong behaviour. But before that, he showed them how grateful he was to God for his (Godís) work in their lives. Paul recognised that their relationship with God was real. And Paul told them that he still prayed often for them.

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