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The reason for Christís death

1 Corinthians 11:24

Paul believed that nothing is so important as Christ and his death (2:2). Christ himself wanted Christians always to know the reason why he died.

That was why, on the night before his death, Christ broke bread for his disciples (special students). He explained his action very simply. The bread meant his body. As he gave them the bread, so he was giving his life on their behalf.

That is what everyone needs to understand about Christís death. His death was not the result of an unfortunate series of events or the actions of certain people. Christís death was Godís plan to save his people. He died so that God could forgive the sins (evil deeds) of his people. Because of his death, God frees his people from the power of sin, death and the devil. That was the real reason for Christís death.

The Christian churches have very many traditions; hardly any of them existed at the time of Christ or the first Christians. However, Christ did establish this ceremony. He told the disciples that they should continue to break bread together. That simple ceremony would link them, and every Christian who lived after them, to Christís death. It would give every Christian an opportunity to declare that Christ died for them. As they received the bread, they would give God thanks for his goodness to them. And they could put their complete trust in his power to save them.

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