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Two reasons why Paul was pleased with the church in Corinth

1 Corinthians 11:2

There were very serious troubles in the church at Corinth, and Paul needed to warn them about many things. However, Paul never forgot that he was dealing with new Christians. Nobody in Corinth had been a Christian for more than a few years. They were not yet mature in their relationship with Christ (3:1-2). So Paul always dealt with them in a patient and gentle manner.

When they were doing the wrong things, Paul carefully explained. But when they did the right things, Paul approved of them. Here in 1 Corinthians 11:2, Paul mentions two reasons why he was pleased with them.

(1) They had remembered Paul and his message. They were still a loyal Christian church, although they were doing many wrong things. They remembered the things that Paul had taught them. Although they argued about Paulís authority, they continued to ask him for advice.

(2) They still believed firmly in the most important lessons that Christians teach. Paul refers especially here to Christís death (11:23) and the fact that, afterwards, Christ became alive again (15:3). Paul received this knowledge from God himself; and Paul passed it on to the Christians in Corinth. Since then, Christians have continued to pass on (or teach) these lessons to new Christians. They include not just the facts, but also the things that God can do in their lives because of those facts.

So Paul was pleased with the Christians in Corinth. They still served God. They still wanted to learn how to serve God better. And those are the most important things in any Christianís life.

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