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Unknown languages as a sign of Godís judgement

1 Corinthians 14:21-22

Although people have done many wrong and evil things, God wants very much to forgive them. He urges them to confess their evil deeds to him and to trust him. He wants to save them so that they will not suffer because of his judgement.

God prefers to send that message in simple, clear language that everyone can understand. In the Old Testament (the first part of the Bible), God sent his servants, whom we call the prophets, with such a clear message.

However, very many people would not listen to that message. They acted as if they did not understand it. Really, they understood it, but they did not want to obey God.

So, God decided to warn people in a much more severe manner. Isaiah 28:11-12 and Deuteronomy 28:49 describe what he did. God sent to them some other people who spoke an unfamiliar language. Those other people were soldiers from an enemyís army. God had sent them to carry out his judgement against the people. Those soldiers would destroy the country because of the evil deeds of its inhabitants.

The people could not understand their enemyís language, but everyone knew the meaning of this event. That strange language was a sign that, very soon, God would act in judgement against them. Perhaps they would laugh at the enemyís strange words, as they had laughed at the prophetsí words. If so, they would never have another opportunity to ask God to save them.

Now is the time when God shows his kindness. So, his servants should tell people his message in simple, clear words that they can understand. If they do not believe that message, the time for judgement will certainly come against them. Then, even words that they cannot understand will be a sign of Godís judgement against them.

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