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Adonijah’s guests escape at once

1 Kings 1:49

Adonijah had believed that David was too weak and ill to use his authority as king. Also, he thought that Solomon, as a young man, was too young to gain the people’s support. So, Adonijah believed that he could make himself king, with the help of Joab (the army commander) and Abiathar (the chief priest). His plan was that Joab would persuade the army to support him; Abiathar would persuade the other leaders of religion to support him. Also Adonijah arranged his own personal guard of 50 men.

Adonijah had invited many important guests as witnesses when he became king. They included his brothers, David’s other sons, except for Solomon.

The news that Solomon had become king, was a great shock for all those guests. Even in his weak state, David was able to arrange for Solomon to become king. Solomon had already gained the support of many important leaders.

That included David’s powerful guards called the Kerethites and Pelethites. Probably, about 3000 of David’s best soldiers lived in Jerusalem, and they all supported Solomon now.

Adonijah had pretended that, as David’s son, he was the best person to become king now. However, the news about Solomon proved that Adonijah was acting against David’s desires. So, Adonijah had been trying to organise a revolution. None of Adonijah’s guests wanted to support Adonijah in a battle against the powerful soldiers now under Solomon’s command. It was clear to everyone that Solomon was much stronger now. So, Adonijah’s guests had to escape at once.

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