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After three years, God sends Elijah to Ahab

1 Kings 18:1-2

King Ahab and Queen Jezebel were leading their nation in cruel and wicked behaviour, including very many murders (18:4). They had brought great wealth and great luxury to the nation, and they had become very proud (compare James 5:1-6).

God wanted them, and the people across their nation, to turn from those proud attitudes (21:28-29). So, he sent the prophet (holy man) Elijah, to declare his (God’s) messages against them.

In the power of God’s Spirit, Elijah had declared that the rain would not fall. So, until Elijah permitted it, there would be no rain (17:1). For the next three years, the harvests failed. The people lost their wealth and they became desperate, even for food.

During all this time, Ahab did not know where Elijah was. God had hidden Elijah, or rather, God had taken him away from the people. At first Elijah was by the stream called Kerith, where the wild birds called ravens supplied his food. Later, Elijah left Israel to go to Zarephath in Sidon. There, a widow who was loyal to the true God, Israel’s God, provided his food.

At last, God told Elijah that he would again permit the rain to fall. Neither Ahab nor the people had turned from their evil deeds. However, God would show them powerfully that he truly is God. That would give them another opportunity to turn to him. Then the people would see God’s goodness as the rain fell upon their dry land.

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