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After Solomon’s prayer

1 Kings 8:54-55

When Solomon finished his prayer, two extraordinary events happened (2 Chronicles 7:1-3).

Firstly, the priests had killed and prepared animals, to give them as sacrifices (gifts to God). At the end of Solomon’s prayer, fire came down from heaven and it burned up these sacrifices. It was perhaps like lightning – no person lit that fire.

Secondly, God’s glory (his splendid beauty) again filled the temple (the house of God), as it had done earlier in the cloud (2 Chronicles 5:13-14). Again, the priests were unable to carry out their work, and all the people began to praise God together.

These events showed powerfully that God was present. He had accepted the temple; Solomon’s prayer on behalf of Israel’s people pleased God. So, Solomon saw that the time was now right to bless the people – to declare God’s kindness to them.

Solomon had been kneeling in prayer. He raised his hands towards heaven during his prayer, as Moses did in Exodus 17:10-16. So now Solomon moved to a different position. He stood in front of all the people. They had gathered in the outer court (yard) that surrounded the inner court, with the temple building inside it.

Then, he reminded the people that God had carried out his promises to Israel (8:56). Solomon declared that God would answer his prayer (8:59-60): for his own honour, God would act on behalf of the people when they prayed at, or towards, the temple.

Lastly, Solomon reminded the people that they must obey God’s law (8:61). It was their serious duty always to live in the manner that pleases God.

Next part: God does what he promises (1 Kings 8:56)


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