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Ahab comes to Elijah

1 Kings 18:16-18

Obadiah went to King Ahab. He told Ahab that Elijah had come. In the meantime, Elijah remained at the place where he had met Obadiah. So, Ahab had to come to the place where Elijah was. That would have upset Ahab. As a proud king, he expected anyone who wished to see him, to come to him.

As Elijah had promised Obadiah, he (Elijah) was still in that place. He had not left, and God’s Spirit had not taken him away. God had sent him there in order that he would declare God’s message to Ahab.

Ahab was angry with Elijah. Three years previously, Elijah had declared that no rain would fall (17:1). What Elijah had declared, had actually happened. The country was dry; the harvests had failed, and the people were desperate for food and water. So, Ahab accused Elijah. He (Elijah) had brought this trouble upon Israel, Ahab said.

Elijah replied in a very strong manner. It was Ahab and his family who caused these troubles, Elijah said. Ahab had turned away from the true God. Instead, he had chosen to follow a false and evil religion, the religion of the false god called Baal.

When rain falls upon the dry ground, that is an act of God’s kindness. Ahab had turned completely against God; he must not, therefore, still expect to benefit from God’s kindness.

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