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Ahab’s official urges Micaiah to support Ahab’s plan

1 Kings 22:13-14

Ahab had ordered one of his officials to bring Micaiah (verse 9). Although Ahab had told him to bring Micaiah ‘at once’, the official seemed to consider it necessary to prepare Micaiah.

Soon, Micaiah would meet with both King Ahab and King Jehoshaphat. This was a very important royal occasion. Everyone’s attention would be upon the words that Micaiah spoke. The success of Ahab’s plan to go to war for Ramoth-Gilead seemed to depend on Micaiah’s words.

So, the official tried to advise Micaiah about what he should say. If Micaiah approved of Ahab’s plan for the war, Ahab would be pleased. If Micaiah opposed it, Ahab would be angry with him. It would surprise nobody if Ahab ordered Micaiah’s death. Ahab was a cruel and evil man.

However, Micaiah replied firmly to the official. A prophet of the true God is someone who declares God’s messages, and not his own. So, Micaiah had the serious duty to declare only the message that God gave to him. If he spoke any other message, he would be guilty of a terrible crime against God (Deuteronomy 18:20). That mattered to Micaiah much more than whether he offended Ahab.

It might be different if Ahab had asked Micaiah for his own opinions and not for a message from God. Then, Micaiah would have only had to be truthful, and not to give the impression that his words came from God. However, on this occasion Ahab only wanted Micaiah to come because he knew Micaiah to be a prophet of the true God. Therefore Micaiah had a serious duty to speak whatever message God gave to him.

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