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Ahab shows humble attitudes

1 Kings 21:27

In 1 Kings 20:42-43, a prophet (holy man) declared God’s judgment against King Ahab. Then, the news that Ahab would die, did not cause him to be sorry for his wrong behaviour. Rather, Ahab became bitter and angry.

Now, God had declared an even worse judgment against Ahab and his family. When God’s judgment happened, God would not permit even a single member of that family to live.

Ahab was an extremely proud man who had hated God. However, when he heard that judgment, it brought about an astonishing change in his attitudes. He did not become bitter or angry against God. Instead, he accepted God’s judgment against him.

So, Ahab followed the usual customs for someone who was deeply sad. He tore his own clothes. He put on the same kind of poor, rough clothes that the poorest people wore. He chose not to eat – not now, as previously (21:4-5), because of bitter attitudes, but rather because of humble attitudes.

Ahab made no great public declaration of what he was doing. Rather, by his actions, he showed that he regretted his former, evil behaviour. He no longer desired people to consider him as a proud man or as a great man. Instead, he wanted God to know that he was truly sorry. He was not trying to control God, or even to change God’s judgment against him. Rather, Ahab was simply trying to behave in the right way for someone against whom God had made such a severe judgment.

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