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An invitation not to obey God

1 Kings 13:11-17

There was a certain old man who lived in Bethel. Like the man from Judah, he too was a prophet, a holy man who received messages from God. He chose not to attend the ceremonies for King Jeroboam’s new religion. However, his sons were there. They gave to their father a report about the holy man from Judah who declared God’s message during Jeroboam’s ceremonies.

It is a great honour to assist someone who is doing God’s work (Mark 9:41). God’s people should help strangers, and they should invite guests to their homes (Hebrews 13:2). So, the old prophet was eager to invite the holy man from Judah to his home in Bethel. In fact, he was so eager that he went out on his donkey (an animal like a small horse) to find him.

The journey back home was especially difficult for the holy man from Judah. He had obeyed God’s command not to eat or to drink in the country that Jeroboam ruled. The weather in Israel can be very hot. So, the holy man from Judah was resting in the shade of a tree when the old prophet found him. Probably, he was resting because he felt very weak.

Of course, the old prophet invited him to his home; he had come out for that purpose. He promised to give him a good meal, so that the holy man was strong for his journey. He seemed sure that the holy man would accept his invitation.

However, the holy man from Judah refused. He explained the special instructions that God had given him for that journey. He must not accept food or even water. God even told him not to return on the same road by which he came.

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