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Arrangements to bring Israel’s most sacred objects to the temple

1 Kings 8:3-5

In 2 Samuel 6:1-8, David unwisely made his own arrangements to move the sacred box called the ark. He was not obeying God’s instructions about this matter (Numbers 3:27-32; Numbers 4:4-20). The result was that a man called Uzzah died.

Solomon saw that he must hand over the responsibility to move the ark, to the priests. They then directed these sacred ceremonies to happen in the way that God had commanded.

It was necessary on this occasion also to bring to God’s house, the temple, the tabernacle that Moses had made (Exodus chapter 26). The tabernacle was the sacred tent that had been the temporary house of God for several centuries. During David’s life, it was standing in Gibeon (1 Chronicles 21:29).

The priests also brought all the sacred objects that had belonged to the tabernacle. Solomon’s workmen had made new sacred objects to replace them (7:23-50). We do not know what the priests did with the tabernacle or its sacred objects after the ceremony. However, it seems clear that they remained very holy. There were rooms round the temple where the priests could keep these sacred and precious objects.

Very many of Israel’s people brought animals that they wanted to offer to God on this very special occasion. The priests took these animals and they offered them to God on behalf of the people. It was a very joyful occasion for all the people (8:66).

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