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Asa becomes king of Judah

1 Kings 15:9-10

Asa was still young – perhaps only a boy – when he became king. That made it possible for him to rule for a long time: 41 years. His rule was longer than any of the kings before him.

Asa ruled Judah, in the south of Israel. During his rule, there were serious political troubles in northern and central Israel; a series of kings ruled there, and there were three revolutions. When Asa became king, Jeroboam still ruled over northern and central Israel. After Jeroboam, came his son Nadab, and then a revolution. Baasha took control over the nation, and his son Elah ruled after him. Then Zimri organised a revolution, but he quickly lost power in another revolution to Omri. Omri’s son Ahab was ruling at the time of Asa’s death.

All these kings were enemies of Asa, so there was a constant state of war. However, perhaps because of the political troubles in northern Israel, Asa’s army had to fight few battles. In fact, Asa’s rule was the most peaceful period in Judah since the rule of Solomon (2 Chronicles 14:1 and 15:19).

Asa’s grandmother Maacah was still alive during the first part of his rule. She came from the family of Absalom, David’s son who opposed him; and she had been the favourite wife of Rehoboam, Asa’s grandfather. She received great honour in Judah; she perhaps wanted to control young King Asa. She certainly wanted Asa, like his father and grandfather, to approve of prayer to false gods (15:13). However, Asa desired to serve the true God only.

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