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Asa’s gifts to God

1 Kings 15:15

Asa gave generously for the work of God at the temple, the house of God in Jerusalem. He saw that important parts of it needed repair (2 Chronicles 15:8). However, he did not only pay for the repairs. He also tried to provide for the future work that would be necessary at the temple. He wanted people in future centuries to serve God as he had done.

Asa did not only give his own gifts. He also gave the gifts that his father Abijah had promised to give. Perhaps Abijah had been unable actually to make those gifts before his early death. So, Asa carried out his father’s promises, for the honour of his father.

In these gifts, Asa and Abijah were imitating the generous actions of King David. David too had given generously for God’s work at the temple (1 Chronicles 29:3-5).

David also paid for the construction of the temple. His gifts had provided for the temple for a long time after its construction. However, 15 years before Asa became king, King Shishak of Egypt attacked Jerusalem. He took away the gold that was in Jerusalem, including the temple’s gold. (In the ancient world, money was usually in the form of gold and silver.) So, for several years, the temple had not had enough money even to pay for necessary repairs.

When we give something to God, that gift belongs to God. We must not try to reclaim it for ourselves. However, as we shall soon see, Asa did take back his gifts (15:18). He did it because, in a desperate situation, he preferred to trust a foreign army, and not to trust God.

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