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Benaiah blesses and prays for Solomon

1 Kings 1:36-37

During David’s whole rule of 40 years, Israel’s chief army commander had been an evil man, Joab (2:5). Benaiah, who would soon replace Joab, had a very different character. Benaiah came from a family of priests (1 Chronicles 27:5). Although perhaps he never served as a priest himself, he was strong in his belief and trust in God.

David called Benaiah with two holy men, Zadok and Nathan, to hear the news that Solomon would become king that day. With great joy, Benaiah expressed the reaction of all three men to that wonderful news. As an army leader, Benaiah could have complained about Solomon’s young age or his lack of experience. However, Benaiah did not express any doubts - rather, he saw what God was doing. God had carried out his promise to David (2 Samuel 7:12-15). God had provided for David’s own son to rule Israel; and Solomon’s rule would be even better and more wonderful than David’s rule had been.

Benaiah wanted to be the first person to bless and to pray for the new king. He declared that David’s decision to appoint Solomon was not merely a human decision. Rather, God had guided David by his Holy Spirit. It was God who had chosen and appointed Solomon to do this special work for him. God had worked so powerfully during David’s rule, to rescue Israel from its enemies. God would work even more powerfully during Solomon’s rule, to establish Israel as a peaceful and successful country.

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