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Choose between God and Baal

1 Kings 18:20-21

Although Ahab hated Elijah, he still carried out Elijah’s instructions. On a particular day, he ordered all the people to gather on Carmel, a long, low mountain by the coast. Ahab also brought the prophets of his false religion, as Elijah had demanded. These were the people whom the religion of the false god Baal considered to be holy.

When they had gathered, Elijah spoke to the people. They were trying to follow whichever religion gave them the most benefits. If the true God helped them, they were willing to serve him. If the religion of Baal offered them power in the spirit world, they wanted to serve Baal. However, the true God had shown them that the religion of Baal was an evil religion. Also, the religion of Baal taught them to hate the true God. These religions were clearly opposite to each other; it was impossible to follow them both (Matthew 6:24).

This present attitude of the people had only brought trouble on their nation. It had not rained for three years, and so the harvests had failed. However, they were still trying to serve both Baal and the true God.

In Joshua chapter 24, Joshua made a similar statement to Israel’s people. They all declared that they would serve the true God then. Now, however, nobody replied to Elijah. Elijah alone stood for the true God in front of them. So, the right time had come for them to see the weakness of their false religion. Now they would see the great power of the true God.

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