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A design that may refer to the glory of God’s throne

1 Kings 7:37-38

Perhaps the Bible describes these stands, or carts, so carefully because nothing like them existed elsewhere.

Of course, people had wooden carts for use on their farms (1 Samuel 6:7). They also had metal chariots, simple vehicles for horses to pull, which soldiers used (Joshua 17:16). However, Hiram was making a beautiful object that would carry a large basin of water over a short distance. So, he may have had to invent a new design. Perhaps he even had to invent new techniques to make it.

However, there is another description in the Bible that is in some ways similar to this design. Ezekiel chapter 1 describes one of the most sacred and important experiences in Ezekiel’s life. In it, Ezekiel did not see a stand or cart to carry water; instead, he saw the glory (the splendid beauty) of God. This moved on wheels in a manner like those stands - it moved forward, and did not turn (Ezekiel 1:9). The stands only moved back and forward - but what Ezekiel saw had more wheels, to move in any direction. The stands only had pictures; what Ezekiel saw was truly alive.

Ezekiel later explains what he saw. Four cherubim were above the wheels - the cherubim are angels, very holy servants of God (Ezekiel 10:15-17). It seems that they were carrying the throne, the royal seat, of God. Psalm 18:10 says that God rides upon the cherubim.

So, Hiram’s design for these stands was not merely a human invention. In his design, he was making references to something very holy that exists beyond this world, in heaven. Although he could not copy it, he was able to include parts of it in his own design.

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