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The end of the rule of Ahab’s family

1 Kings 21:20-22

Ahab spoke to Elijah in a proud and nasty manner. He declared Elijah to be his enemy, although Elijah gave him honour as Israel’s king in a humble and loyal manner (18:45-46). Although Ahab did not see it, Elijah was constantly praying for Ahab and his country. However, Ahab said that, like an enemy, Elijah had appeared suddenly to catch him.

Elijah did not argue with that description. He had caught Ahab in his evil act to take possession of Naboth’s land. Ahab had allowed Jezebel to murder Naboth; and now he was stealing Naboth’s land. The fact that Ahab was taking the land proved his support for the murder of Naboth. So, Ahab had given himself over completely to evil behaviour. He had turned against God; and now he had shown himself to be completely against God’s law. For that reason, God would no longer support the rule of Ahab or of his family.

When God turns completely away from a family, that family is in a very terrible situation. Ahab should have learned from his nation’s history. Two previous royal families of northern and central Israel had suffered such a judgment against them. Not one man from the families of Jeroboam and of Baasha remained alive (14:10-11; 16:3-4). The judgment against Baasha’s family happened just 11 years before Ahab became king (16:9-13). Now God declared his judgment against Ahab’s evil acts, too. Not one man from Ahab’s family would remain alive when that judgment happened (2 Kings chapters 9 and 10).

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