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God tells Ahijah that Jeroboam’s wife is coming

1 Kings 14:5-6

God knows the truth about everyone and everything. He knows those facts that people want to hide from him. Every secret thing is already in his knowledge; every mystery is clear to him (Psalm 139:1-6).

King Jeroboam’s wife pretended to be someone else when she went to see Ahijah the prophet (holy man). However, Ahijah already knew that she was coming. Before she even arrived, God had given Ahijah a message for her. She came to ask Ahijah about her son who was dangerously ill. However, God’s message was about the future of her whole family, and it was extremely bad news.

So, at the moment when she entered the house, Ahijah called out. He had not seen her – he was blind and he could not see. However, he declared at once who she really was. He wanted to make it clear that his message to her came from God, and not from his own mind.

Then, Ahijah explained that God had ‘sent’ him to her. Of course, Ahijah had not even left his home – it was her who had gone to see him. Ahijah meant that he was a servant of God. A master sends his servant with his (the master’s) message. So, Ahijah was declaring this important message on God’s behalf. Jeroboam’s wife must not imagine that she was merely hearing the prophet’s own opinions. This was God’s word, God’s message to her and to her family, the royal family of Jeroboam.

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