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God made it possible for Solomon to build the temple

1 Kings 8:15-19

Solomon worked hard for several years to build the temple, God’s house in Jerusalem. He had organised vast teams of men to do the physical work for its construction. He also directed the artists who made the temple and its contents to be truly beautiful and magnificent.

Now, at last, the great work was complete – but Solomon saw no reason to be proud. Instead, he was truly grateful to God. He praised God – and he told everyone that God himself had brought all this about. If God had not done it, no amount of human effort could have achieved it (Psalm 127:1).

Solomon explained to the people how God had promised this to his father, King David. These promises are in 2 Samuel chapter 7. Further references appear in 1 Chronicles 28:2-7 and Psalm 132.

Long before that, God had promised Israel’s people that he would choose a place for his temple (Deuteronomy 12:5-14). However, for more than 400 years, God’s house continued to be the tabernacle, the special tent that Moses made. David was very eager to build the temple, as a permanent building to replace the tabernacle, in Jerusalem. That was a good, and holy, desire – but it was not God’s plan. David had fought many wars to establish Israel as a peaceful nation – but God wanted a king who ruled in peace to build the temple. For that reason, God chose David’s son Solomon to be the king who built the temple.

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