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God’s promises to David and his family

1 Kings 2:4

David reminded Solomon of the promises that God had made to David (2 Samuel 7:5-16). Those promises were for the benefit of David’s family in all future ages (Jeremiah 23:5). Therefore, those promises were also for the benefit of Solomon, who was David’s son.

David’s family must always remember that God has established a special relationship with them. As Israel’s royal family, they must not rule for their own benefit, as many other kings and rulers do. Rather, Solomon, and his family after him, must always rule in a right and proper manner. They need to remember God’s promise that his perfect king, called the Messiah or Christ, will come from their family (Isaiah 11:1-9).

It is that perfect king, God’s Messiah, who will rule always. Until the Messiah rules, the rule of David’s family depends on their relationship with God. God told David that he (God) would punish their evil deeds (2 Samuel 7:14). When they loyally served God, they had the benefit of God’s special protection. When they turned away from God, God permitted their enemies to defeat them. However, God would not permit those enemies to destroy David’s family completely, because of his promises to David. Instead, those troubles would give them the opportunity to turn back to God (Zechariah 12:10 to 13:1).

So, David urged Solomon to love God with his whole heart and mind. That was how David had lived (15:3-5). That was also Solomon’s attitude during the first part of his rule (3:3). Sadly, later in his life, Solomon would turn away from God (11:4).

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