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God’s special message to Solomon

1 Kings 6:11-13

God sent a special message to Solomon during the construction of the temple. This was not one of the two occasions when God appeared to Solomon (3:5; 9:1-2; 11:9). So on this occasion, perhaps a prophet (holy man) brought God’s message to Solomon.

The message was this. God had made wonderful promises to David, Solomon’s father, about the future rule of David’s family (2 Samuel 7:5-16). Those promises would now be for Solomon’s benefit, too. However, Solomon must be careful to obey all of God’s laws and commands. Solomon was the king of Israel, but Israel’s king must be the servant of God. His rule over Israel depended upon God’s rule over his life.

It is God’s desire to be present and active in the lives of all his people (Isaiah 57:15; 1 Corinthians 6:19). The temple, God’s house which Solomon was building in Jerusalem, expressed that fact in a physical way. There, God would live among his people, and he would not leave them. He was present with them to answer their prayers and to help them in their troubles. At the temple, God would not merely visit them for a short time. Rather, this would be his home on earth; here, he would remain among his people.

Solomon was a man who had great energy. At the present time, he was using all his effort to build the temple. However, he must not think that his efforts would earn him a right relationship with God (Micah 6:6-8). Rather, he must simply trust and obey God. Only God can establish a right relationship with any person. God does that when he takes his proper place in that person’s life (Revelation 3:20).

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