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God will show that he rules all places

1 Kings 20:28

God gave success to Israel’s army in the first battle to show to Ahab that he is the true God (20:13). However, in this second battle, God would show to all of Israel that he is the true God. That is clear because the plural form for the word ‘you’ appears in the original language (Hebrew) of this verse (20:28).

So it seems that, before this battle, Israel’s people also did not know clearly about God. The people from Aram, their enemies, considered God to be only a local god, who only had power in the hills. In the same way, Israel’s people had accepted the false religions that Ahab, and before him Jeroboam, introduced. They made holy places for their false gods, as if the true God did not have power in those places. Even when they saw God’s power at his holy place on Carmel (18:30-39), that did not truly turn them back to God (19:14).

So, before the battle, God again sent his prophet – probably the same holy man as in 1 Kings 20:13-14 - to Ahab. Israel’s army was much smaller and weaker than Aram’s vast army. However, God would use this situation to show his power. He was not only able to help Israel in the hills, as Aram’s army thought. He is the only true God who created heaven and earth and everything in them. Israel and Aram and every nation on earth belong to him, and he claims power over them all. In this battle, God would defeat Aram’s army, and so he would bring honour to his holy name.

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