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The hall with columns

1 Kings 7:6

The next great building that Solomon’s workmen built, was a hall with columns. It was 75 feet (25 metres) long, and 45 feet (15 metres) wide. It had an impressive entrance.

It is not clear whether this hall had walls - possibly, it did not. The weather in Jerusalem can be very hot in Summer. Solomon cared about pleasure and comfort (Ecclesiastes 2:4-8). His guests would appreciate a cool place where they could enjoy his food and wine in hot weather. Song of Solomon 2:4 mentions a place that is called his ‘house of wine’ in the original Hebrew language. There, Solomon and his friends ate fruit together.

Esther 1:5-7 describes a very great meal, which the king of Media and Persia organised. Although he was a foreign king in a later period of history, he chose a similar place for his meal. It was in the garden of his palace. There, a series of columns of beautiful stone stood. On those columns, his servants hung curtains in beautiful colours. The wine was plentiful and - as in Solomon’s palace (10:21) - all the cups were gold. The king’s guests ate and drank there, with their king, for 7 days.

The people in Israel liked special occasions like that, too. Samson’s wedding meal, for example, also lasted for 7 days (Judges 14:10-18). For such occasions, Solomon had singers (Ecclesiastes 2:8) and music (10:12), and people felt happy (compare Ecclesiastes 7:2-6). Later in life, however, Solomon would ask whether that behaviour was truly wise (Ecclesiastes 11:9).

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