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Hiram promises to help to build the temple

1 Kings 5:8-9

We have here part of the messages that the two kings (Solomon and Hiram) sent to each other. Some more of what they wrote is in 2 Chronicles chapter 2. It was clear to them that the construction of the temple, the magnificent house of God in Jerusalem, was an immense task.

The wood for the temple had to come from the great forests in Lebanon. Those forests were about 150 miles (250 kilometres) from Jerusalem. However, it was impossible to transport the wood by a direct route, because of the many hills. So the best method was to float the wood on the Mediterranean sea. Then it would be necessary to take it by land from Joppa to Jerusalem - a distance of 40 miles (70 kilometres).

So, many thousands of men would have to work for many months, simply to bring the wood for the temple. An account of these men and their work appears later in the chapter (5:13-18).

Hiram and Solomon made careful plans for this work. They agreed about the payments that would be due from Solomon. Hiram selected the skilled workmen that Solomon needed; Solomon arranged for those men who did the simpler and unskilled tasks. Hiram made arrangements to obtain the different types of wood that Solomon would need. In addition to wood from the cedar and pine trees, Solomon had requested a special kind of wood called algum (2 Chronicles 2:8). This was for the musical instruments (2 Chronicles 9:11).

Hiram also supplied gold to Solomon (2 Chronicles 9:10), which Solomon used in great quantities in the temple (for example, 2 Chronicles 4:19-22).

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