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How David provided for the future maintenance of the temple

1 Kings 7:51

It is, of course, extremely expensive to build a great building. However, anyone who builds such a building must also think about its future maintenance. The repair of that building will also be expensive. In future years, the people who are responsible for those repairs may be unable to afford the work. The result is that many great buildings have only continued in use for a few years. Then, people have simply left them to fall down.

David never tried to become an extremely rich man. It was God who gave him his wealth. David fought wars to free Israel’s people from the cruel enemies whose nations surrounded them. However, the effect of those wars was to make David rich (2 Samuel 8:7-12).

David did not keep that wealth for himself. He was a man who truly loved God (Psalm 18:1). His greatest desire was to build the temple, the house of God in Jerusalem. God did not permit David to build it (1 Chronicles 28:2-3). However, God did allow David to give his wealth to provide for its construction. David gave gladly; he considered it an honour to give for this great purpose (1 Chronicles 29:1-5). It was a great honour for him to be able to give back to God what God himself had provided (1 Chronicles 29:10-14).

Even when all the work on the temple was complete, Solomon had not used all of his father’s gifts. He filled the store rooms at the temple with the gifts that David had given. David had provided both for the temple’s construction, and for its future maintenance.

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