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Israel’s army would scatter like sheep

1 Kings 22:17-18

The Bible often calls God ‘the Lord of hosts’ – in other words, the God of armies. In the Bible, he has an army on earth, and an army in heaven. His army on earth is Israel’s army, which he places under the command of Israel’s kings. His army in heaven is his angels – the special servants of God who carry out his plans.

In an extraordinary manner, God showed Micaiah what was happening with each of these armies. In his spirit, Micaiah could actually see these things.

So, Micaiah firstly saw a picture of Israel’s army. However, in the picture, they had not gathered for war as an army should. Instead, they were wandering away from each other, because they had nobody to lead them. It reminded Micaiah of how sheep scatter without anyone to look after them.

Then Micaiah heard the voice of God. His (God’s) army should not be wandering without a king to lead them. They should not try to fight a battle in that state. So, God declared that they should all simply go home.

Ahab did not need anyone to explain to him the meaning. For the first time since Solomon’s rule, he was trying to unite Judah’s army with the army of the rest of Israel. However, God had said that they had no king to lead them into battle. As Ahab had expected, Micaiah’s message from God, was against him, Ahab. It declared that Ahab would be unable to lead the army in the battle. Therefore, Israel’s army would suffer defeat; they would have to return home without success in the fight for Ramoth-Gilead.

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