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Jeroboam continues in his wrong religion

1 Kings 13:33-34

When God works powerfully in our lives, we must not neglect his message (Hebrews 2:1-3). We must obey his words (Psalm 95:7-8); we must turn to him from our evil deeds (Isaiah 1:18-20).

The holy man’s message, and the events after it, showed clearly that God did not approve of Jeroboam’s wrong behaviour. As the king of northern and central Israel, he tried to establish a new religion there. He did it to try to make his government stronger. However, God had already told him how he could make his family’s rule strong (11:37-38). To do that, Jeroboam must obey God’s commands; he must rule his country in the way that pleases God.

Jeroboam had heard God’s message about his wrong religion (13:2-3). God had cured his arm when the holy man prayed for him (13:6). Everyone was talking about the extraordinary events at the death of the holy man. However, Jeroboam still continued all of his wrong acts. He still prayed in front of his images; he still told Israel’s people to follow his false religion. He would not make any changes to it; for example, he still allowed any of the people to serve as priests (see 1 Kings 12:32 and Numbers chapters 16 and 17; compare 2 Chronicles 13:9). He should have changed his behaviour completely – but in fact, he changed nothing.

Jeroboam’s family could have continued to rule for as long as David’s family did (11:38). In fact, Jeroboam’s family ruled for less than 25 years. Then a man called Baasha plotted against them, and he killed Jeroboam’s whole family (15:28-29).

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