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King Abijah of Judah

1 Kings 15:1-2

Judah’s second king was Abijah, also called Abijam. He became king peacefully after the death of his father, Rehoboam. In fact, Rehoboam had already chosen Abijah to be king after him, and he gave Abijah authority over his brothers (2 Chronicles 11:22-23). In this matter, Rehoboam acted wisely. He arranged for Abijah’s brothers to have responsible positions in different parts of the country. With wealthy homes and their families away from Jerusalem, Abijah’s brothers had no desire to oppose him. In fact, they benefitted from his rule.

Abijah’s mother was Rehoboam’s favourite wife, Maacah (2 Chronicles 11:21). She came from the family of Absalom, David’s son who tried to organise a revolution against him (2 Samuel chapters 15 to 18). She is called the ‘daughter of Absalom’ – but seems in fact to be his grand-daughter. Her father was Uriel (2 Chronicles 13:2) and, probably, her mother was Absalom’s daughter, Tamar (2 Samuel 14:27). Absalom also had three sons, but they all died before their father (2 Samuel 18:18). All of Absalom’s family were famous for their beauty.

Abijah only ruled for three years before his death. His mother Maacah lived longer than him. She actively led Judah’s people in their wrong religions. Her god was the female false god called Asherah (15:13). That religion had become popular in Judah during the rule of her husband Rehoboam, who was Abijah’s father (14:23).

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