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King Baasha of Israel

1 Kings 15:33-34

Baasha, who carried out God’s judgment against Jeroboam’s family, was not a good man. He was evil. Evil people do not only cause trouble for good people. When people are evil, their jealous ambitions often cause them to oppose each other. Because they are evil, they do not hesitate to do that in a cruel and fierce manner.

Baasha had killed every member of Jeroboam’s family. That was how he gained power over the whole of northern and central Israel. It was probably also how he remained king for such a long time: 24 years. Probably, such a cruel man would order the death at once of anyone who might possibly oppose him. In that way, the people whom he ruled, would be too afraid even to complain about him. His power was absolute. Everyone had to accept his authority and to obey him completely.

Although Baasha hated Jeroboam, Baasha still chose to follow Jeroboam’s new religion. Baasha probably considered it a useful way to convince Israel’s people that they should be loyal to him. As an evil man, Baasha did not want to serve the true God. God opposes every evil act. Therefore, if Baasha had turned to the real God, Baasha would have had to stop his cruel and evil behaviour.

So, in the end, Baasha’s rule was very much like Jeroboam’s rule (16:7). One cruel and evil king had simply replaced another cruel and evil king.

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