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The king of Aram orders that Ahab must die

1 Kings 22:31-33

The king of Aram had twice tried to fight against Israel’s army. On both occasions, he lost the battle (20:1-30). So on this occasion, he had a simpler plan. He ordered his commanders that they should fight against just one man, Ahab, Israel’s king. If they killed him, then his army would scatter (22:17).

Aram’s king probably did not realise it, but this was also God’s plan for the battle. God had permitted this battle as an act of his judgment against Ahab. God had ordered that Ahab would die in the battle (22:20).

Aram’s army commanders did not know that another king was also leading his army in the battle against them. Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah, wore his royal clothes in the battle; Ahab did not. So of course Aram’s commanders thought that their king had ordered them to kill Jehoshaphat. They chased after him – and Jehoshaphat saw that he was in great danger.

That was when Jehoshaphat cried out. It seems that he cried out in prayer to God. 2 Chronicles 18:31-32 says that God then helped him. God showed the commanders that they were chasing after the wrong man. Jehoshaphat was not the man whom the king of Aram had told them to kill. So, they left him and, in that way, God saved Jehoshaphat’s life.

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