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King Shishak of Egypt attacks Jerusalem

1 Kings 14:25

There is much more information about this war between Egypt and Judah in 2 Chronicles 12:1-12. Solomon had established a peace agreement with Egypt when he married the king of Egypt’s daughter (3:1). That was at the start of his rule; and afterwards there was an important trading relationship between Egypt and Israel. However, later the king of Egypt began to support Solomon’s enemies (11:14-22). King Shishak of Egypt had even protected Jeroboam, who was now the king of northern Israel (11:40).

It seems likely that Shishak attacked Judah in support of Jeroboam. With a vast army, Shishak soon overcame the defences of Judah’s strongest cities. He then reached Jerusalem and his men were preparing to destroy it.

However, before that could happen, God gave a message to the prophet (holy man) Shemaiah. In that message, God told Judah’s leaders that he would not protect them. The reason was that they had not been loyal to God. As they had left God, so God would leave them.

King Rehoboam of Judah and the other leaders accepted this message from God. They turned away from their proud attitudes and they decided to be humble in front of God. They declared that God’s judgment against them was right and proper. So, God gave a second message to Shemaiah. God would not permit Shishak to destroy Judah and Jerusalem completely. However, Rehoboam and his nation would have to accept Shishak’s authority over them for a short period of time.

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