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May God be with us, as he was with our fathers

1 Kings 8:57-58

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were the men whom Israel’s people considered to be the ‘fathers’ of their nation. This was not merely because Israel’s people came from their family. It was these three men who established the special relationship between Israel and God. They received God’s promises about the future of their family (for example Genesis 12:1-3). From them, Israel’s people learned to serve the one true God when all the other nations served false gods.

After them came other great leaders, for example Moses and Aaron, Joshua, Samuel and David. None of these men were perfect, of course. However, they truly loved God, and they cared deeply about Israel’s relationship with God. They accepted the laws that God had given; they sincerely desired to please God by the way that they lived.

By this time, all of these great leaders had died. Solomon recognised the desire of the people in front of him to live in the manner that pleases God. That was why they had gathered at the temple, the new house of God in Jerusalem. They realised that God was present there, too. As he had accepted his temple, his house among them, so he wanted to be present in their lives. He had given them his law, to teach them how they should live.

Solomon knew that, in their own strength, people are too weak fully to obey God’s law. However, God’s people depend on him to work in their minds and hearts. He is with them; he gives them the strength to live in the manner that pleases him.

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