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Nathan urges David to act at once

1 Kings 1:22-27

Nathan allowed Bathsheba a few moments to speak to her husband, King David. Then Nathan himself entered David’s home. Nathan waited in an outer room until David sent his servant to invite Nathan in. On this occasion, the matter was so urgent that David wanted to hear from Nathan at once.

Bathsheba left the room so that David could discuss the situation privately with Nathan. She had already reminded David about his promise to make Solomon king. So now Nathan told David about the reaction of his officials to the news that Adonijah had become king.

That news astonished them. David was a man who always carried out his promises. His officials knew him to be completely sincere and honest. However, sometimes he did things that seemed hard for them to understand (2 Samuel 12:20-23).

Certainly, the news about Adonijah was hard to understand. If David had now appointed his son to rule, then all of his officials would want to join in that happy occasion. However, the officials in David’s palace were completely unaware that David had any special plans on that day. Even such important people as Zadok, the chief priest, and Benaiah, the leader of David’s guards, knew nothing about it.

However, everyone in Jerusalem knew that Adonijah had great ambitions. David knew that too, but, until now, he had done nothing to stop Adonijah (1:5-6). So if David really wanted Solomon to become king, David must act now. No further delay was possible.

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