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No iron tools at the place of the temple

1 Kings 6:7

Solomon believed strongly that people must always respect God. People’s actions show their inner attitudes. So, Solomon taught people not even to walk in a heavy or careless manner in a holy place (Ecclesiastes 5:1). Hebrews 10:29 compares that careless behaviour to the person who insults God. So especially in a holy place, people should try to give honour to God by every action that they carry out.

Probably for that reason, Solomon gave a truly extraordinary instruction to the builders of the temple, God’s house in Jerusalem. They should not think that they were building a holy place for God. Rather, the place where they were working was already holy (1 Chronicles 21:16 to 22:1). Therefore, in that place, they must act with the greatest possible care.

Solomon told the builders not even to use iron tools at the place of the temple. Probably, he also told them to work in a serious and quiet manner. They had to build this great building as quietly as possible in order to show respect to God.

Of course it was necessary to use tools to cut the wood and the stone. However, the builders did all that work away from the place of the temple. Elsewhere, they both prepared and finished each piece of stone and each beam of wood. At the place of the temple, they simply put these things in their proper places. That was how they were able to work so quietly.

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