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A record of Solomon’s rule and his death

1 Kings 11:41-43

Solomon was the third and last king who ruled the whole of Israel. His rule was mostly peaceful and a time of great wealth in Israel. He built the first temple, the magnificent house of God in Jerusalem; he also was responsible for many other important and impressive buildings there, and across Israel. He achieved much in the increase of the knowledge of science, wisdom and art. As a holy man, he wrote the Books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon. He was Israel’s wisest and richest king. Until the time of God’s future king called the Messiah, there will never again be such a great king in Israel.

Israel’s holy men, the prophets called Nathan, Ahijah and Iddo, recorded the history of Solomon’s life (2 Chronicles 9:29). They recorded his true greatness but, sadly, also his evil deeds. Solomon’s many foreign wives persuaded him not to be loyal to Israel’s God (11:1-9). For several centuries afterwards, Israel’s people served false gods at the places that Solomon made for them (2 Kings 23:13).

Still, Solomon did many good things during the 40 years that he ruled Israel. He died at about the age of 60 years. The people across Israel would have been truly sad at the death of such a great leader. His grave was in the city of David, the oldest part of Jerusalem, close to the grave of his father David. It was Solomon’s son Rehoboam who became king after him. He is the only one of Solomon’s sons that the Bible mentions; however, Solomon also had some daughters (4:11; 4:15).

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