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The rule and death of Jeroboam

1 Kings 14:19-20

Jeroboam ruled northern and central Israel for 22 years. His rule continued for the whole period of time that Rehoboam and his son Abijah were kings of Judah. At the time of Jeroboam’s death, Asa, the grandson of Rehoboam, was the king of Judah.

During most of Solomon’s rule, the whole of Israel was at peace. During the whole of Jeroboam’s rule, there was constant war between the different parts of Israel. Jeroboam was a constant enemy of Rehoboam and the kings after him. Jeroboam suffered a serious defeat in a major battle against Abijah, Rehoboam’s son (2 Chronicles chapter 13). We know only about Jeroboam’s wars against Judah; however, other nations surrounded Israel on each side. During Solomon’s rule, Israel had controlled those nations. So, it seems likely that those nations also fought Jeroboam for their freedom.

Prophets (holy men) recorded the history of Judah’s kings (2 Chronicles 12:15). We do not know who recorded the history of the kings of northern and central Israel. However, people considered it important to keep proper records of the events during a king’s rule.

God had warned Jeroboam that none of his family, except his son Abijah, would receive a proper grave (14:10-13). That was because of Jeroboam’s evil deeds. However, when Jeroboam died, it was not yet the proper time for that punishment. Instead, Jeroboam died because of God’s judgment against him for his own evil deeds (2 Chronicles 13:20). Jeroboam himself had a proper grave, near the graves of earlier members of his family. His son Nadab became king after him. Soon, Nadab would show that he continued to live in the same evil manner as his father (15:25-26). That was when the terrible punishment of Jeroboam’s family actually happened.

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